HDFC Achieves X% growth with Vymo.

HDFC Bank is the largest private bank in India with a market capitalization of over USD 61.60 bn and AUM of around USD 2.21 bn. HDFC Bank has about 4,281 branches and 90,000 employees which includes a vast mobile sales force too.

HDFC bank has empowered over 2 million underbanked and unbanked rural consumers in India through its innovative financing products. HDFC’s Sustainable Livelihood Initiative i.e. SLI business unit is present in towns and villages across 24 states in India. A 3-year vision articulates the plans for 4X growth of reach and for building the path to profitability.


To better address these challenges, HDFC Banks’ Microfinance team turned to Vymo’s Personal Sales Assistant mobile app. This assisted them in building in-depth solutions and in bringing total visibility into the acquisition pipeline. The intuitive and suggestive user interface dramatically reduced the time it took between sourcing a customer and approving the customer for financial products.

Vymo’s intelligent dashboards play a crucial role in providing the most important business insights to sales teams spread across the country. There are dedicated dashboards that analyze and display all the information needed by every user- SOs and RMs alike.

Partner Management

Intelligent Allocation

Interactive Dashboard


The HDFC SLI Business Unit has since been able to doubled the number of customers sourced, reduce time to conversion by 7 times and also, lower turnaround time to less than a day. With the data captured in just the first year, Vymo’s business analytics suite has revealed multiple opportunities for the division to drive a more intelligent market penetration strategy.What is more interesting is that the salespeople adoption rate of Vymo is over 85%.

Technology backbone

Building a solution that can handle the business requirements of a field sales team spread across the country in remote regions requires innovation and creativity backed by architectural superiority.


User Enabled


Daily Average usage


Average TAT for customers


Adoption Rate


  1. Mobile first end to end process flow
    • HDFC Bank SLI moved entirely to a smartphone led process for customer acquisition and distribution of select microfinance products. The following steps of the sales process have been automated for HDFC Bank SLIs field representatives:
      • Customer acquisition
      • Uploading documents for KYC
      • Sharing this information with other teams for assessment
      • Processing approvals
      • Creating groups
      • Distributing loans

      Hand-off between teams became smooth with all the relevant information being available to the stakeholders within a single app.

  2. Focus on high quality villages to source higher number of customers and higher rate of group creations. Using Vymo, HDFC Bank SLI could unclog the choke-points in their customer acquisition process. They could effectively empower their SOs to source more customers and add more groups than before.
  3. Reduction in time taken to allocate customers to financing groupsThe ease-of-use of the mobile app and the ready availability of data at the point of sale (customer acquisition) allowed for swift collection of relevant documents and their fast upload to HDFC Bank. This resulted in the customer applications being vetted and processed swiftly.


“With Vymo, we have central visibility on the activity levels carried out and can specify minimum benchmarks for longer sustainable sales.”

– Abhijit Gulanikar

Head Business Strategy

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