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SBI Life Insurance is one of the largest life insurance companies in India. Its agency field sales teams are responsible for recruiting new insurance advisors who in turn acquire insurance customers for SBI Life. On an average each field sales representative manages over 30 advisors, which makes it very difficult for them to keep a regular track of advisor metrics using offline reports. Additionally, keeping track of meetings with advisors and their outcomes is equally difficult using traditional methods.

At the same time, supervisors sitting out of the regional offices do not have any visibility into the day-to-day activities of their sales teams, their active advisor base, the number of new advisors recruited, and the level of engagement their sales team has with the advisors. They had to rely on offline information that the sales team provides at the end of the day or sometimes even later. These problems increase the probability of advisors not being able to generate enough business and eventually becoming inactive for SBI Life.


daily active usage


of all planned activities completed


difference in advisor recruitment


difference in advisor activation

“We have seen tremendous adoption. Activity levels have gone up dramatically.”


Abhijit Gulanikar

– Head – Business Strategy

SBI Life agents did not have to update a CRM with their calls or meetings, the Vymo mobile application automatically tracked call logs and geo location. The application also optimised predictions based on their activities, so the advisors were better coached to close more sales. The daily active usage reached an unprecedented 77%. In just under 8 weeks, SBI Life experienced a 40% difference in advisor recruitment and a 32% difference in advisor activation. 93% of all planned activities were scheduled and updated on the same day by sales.

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