Increase Field Sales productivity of your
Direct & Agency channels

Is your Insurance Field Force doing the best it can?

Vymo is aiming at eradicating the field sales limitations which prevent the Insurance companies to achieve their full potential. Vymo is been delivering intelligent field sales solutions which help Insurance companies to tackle challenges of visibility, collaboration, work allocation and communication which comes with a large field force.

Cracking the code on Sales Productivity hacks for your Direct & Agency channels

Vymo focus on the bottlenecks of Insurance Field Sales Productivity by developing objective sales solutions. For seamless operations as well as optimum returns, Insurance field sales solutions have to be scalable and agile. This is to ensure that a diverse field force of Direct & Agency Sales Reps can deliver a homogeneous experience for equally diverse insurance offerings.

Optimize General Insurance

Acquire new customers, monitor lapse rates, ensure timely renewals & claims management across product categories to tap every selling opportunity.


  • Rapidly evaluate and turn around quotation.
  • Segregate pre-due date and post due date premium collection activity.
  • Proactively communicate with customers before due-date to ensure timely renewals.
  • Derive renewal trends and turn them into intelligent insights to drive agent action.
  • Allocate collection activities to closest agent and automatically track calls & visits.
  • Auto-create and assign follow-up tasks to Agents.
  • Create processes for claims evaluation, schedule service and inspection visits instantly.
  • Integrate with Finacle, CRM Next,, Dynamics 365, policy admin and other systems.

Leverage Bancassurance

Keep track of Bancassurance partner network and plan individual or group activities with partners with Vymo.


  • Onboard banks, branches, agents, and track everyone’s productivity.
  • Create hierarchies and track each person, region or branch’s KPI.
  • Track each agent’s active skill-set and location across branches.
  • Identify practices of the best agents/managers and replicate those.
  • Assign leads to field agent basis their skillset, real-time location & availability.

Enhance visibility into Agency channel

Vymo increases Independent Agent productivity while ensuring lead privacy and delivering sales pipeline visibility to the Insurance company.


  • Agency owners get full visibility to Sales pipeline & Agent activities.
  • Insurance company has visibility to the Sales pipeline but no access to Lead details.
  • Agents can add self-sourced leads directly into Vymo.
  • Vymo intelligently suggests who and when to call/meet.
  • Vymo automatically detects calls and meetings done by agents.
  • Agents & Agency owners can define & share monthly targets.
  • Agents can onboard customers via eKYC & instantly upload documents for processing.

Recruit and Onboard New Agencies & Agents

Automate the agent selection and recruitment process using data-driven intelligence with Vymo and motivate agents on their journey. 


  • Score prospective agents during recruitment.
  • Create custom onboarding modules.
  • Track time-to-first-sale and other critical stages in agent recruitment lifecycle.
  • Use intelligent, data-driven notifications to improve Agent activation and reduce churn.
  • Allow existing agencies to quickly assess, recruit and start onboarding process of new agents. 
  • Automatically schedule proactive review calls for Agency Heads to monitor and guide each new Agent.

Mobile Team Management

Utilize mobility driven geo intelligence to uniformly and intelligently manage your direct sales team and Agency agents. 


  • Detect & report field agent actions & minimize manual reporting.
  • Get real-time look into each agent’s pipeline.
  • Integrate data from backend systems to make the right cross-sell pitches at the right time.
  • Surface cross-sell & upsell intelligence directly inside the Agent app.
  • Automatically track agent calls & visits by auto-creating follow-up tasks for Agents.
  • Create processes for claims evaluation and schedule service team visits instantly.
  • Integrate with Finacle, CRM Next,, Dynamics 365, policy admin and other systems.

Vymo improves Sales Force Productivity


Go live fast

Most of the Vymo clients have gone live in under 4 weeks. With faster implementation for large field force, you are ready to conquer sales quicker.


Vymo is a highly scalable solution powered by the Azure cloud platforms so whatever your business scales to, Vymo will scale to that & beyond.


We are OWASP compliant, so you don’t have to worry about security, that’s how top enterprises rely on Vymo for their field force transformation.


We crafted Vymo with love such that Sales reps love using the app. Thus achieving an adoption rate of more than 80%.


With support for multiple languages, time zones and countries, your requirement is feasible with Vymo.

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