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Accelerated sales performance

Vymo converts all manual operations and decision making into rule based algorithms. Vymo’s alerts and insights keep working, while your bandwidth is released from day to day intervention.

"Vymo addresses 2 fundamental issues with sales teams: Reps don't enter data. Supervisors are not proactive. Vymo does much of this by itself; leading to thousands of better operational decisions, ground up every day. It almost clones me, to create every sales person's assistant."

Vineet Patni
Chief Distribution Officer,
Bharti AXA Life Insurance.
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No-touch lead management

With Vymo, you can focus on your client dialogue; while scheduling, follow ups, reminders and communication to client is all taken care of.

“We have been able to get never-before visibility into our acquisition team's productivity through Vymo. In some channels, conversions have gone up by almost 50%. For all of its intelligence, Vymo's beauty is in its easy design which helps drive adoption and feeds managers with insights that help them become pro-active. We see the product getting even better every day as their team works hand in hand with us to drive our success.”

Head of Operations
Large Pvt. Bank
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Predictive Activity Planning

Vymo identifies high value clients, creates a schedule and nudges each contact closer to success. Close deals on the go, efficiently and with ease.

“It is a perfect solution for removing information asymmetry that exists between company-employee and customer. This application had also helped us in increasing our reach to the untapped potential markets. Now our team is better planned and most importantly self disciplined without any follow up calls from reporting managers.”

Lovlesh Nagori
Shriram Bioseed Genetics
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Intelligent geo localytics

Vymo optimizes location, business data and calendar schedules, real-time. This helps you make the most out of hot leads, leads in the vicinity and follow ups; in a personalized fashion. Route maps, schedule changes and hot spots are all updated while you are on the go.

"We are building a network of neighbourhood stores as Connect India, we aim to rollout 50,000 + last mile delivery centres in the country by 2017. This is incredibly daunting task which requires right selection of entrepreneurs in the right geography on a preselected route plan. In addition, proper KYC and physical infrastructure, geographic spread across 25000+ zip codes in the country. Vymo is helping us make these decisions real time, both algorithmically and spatially. Vymo's geo plug-ins are helping optimise decisions which will give us significant competitive edge on delivery costs, turnaround time and quality."

Mohammed Riaz
COO, Connect India
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Cross sell and upsell insights

Vymo helps you map every account’s potential and competitive presence, whether it is customer, distributor or partner. It then combines history with business patterns to recommend upsell and cross-sell opportunities on the spot.

“Within weeks of launch, we have started getting consistent data at regular frequency. This is giving us the ability to negotiate higher stocking and manage inventory costs more granularly. Vymo has become a platform to manage other field-force processes. Looking forward to a long partnership”

Venkitachalam Krishnan
Head – Modern Trade & Corporate Sales, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd.
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