Make the World’s #1 CRM work for you.

(Not the other way around!)

The comprehensiveness of Salesforce combined with the mobility of Vymo.

Salesforce is a great tool to understand your customers. But, it doesn’t really tell you much about your Salespeople. Because, reporting data into salesforce is tedious.

Now, you can experience the full capabilities of Salesforce super-charged with Vymo’s Automation and AI that enables seamless data capture and contextual recommendations.

Improved seller experience through Vymo + Salesforce

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Automated call handling

Log calls from Android or iOS phones into Salesforce automatically and set follow up tasks with minimal intervention.

Seamless integration & setup

Log into Vymo with your Salesforce ID and have all your sales records synced automatically without any IT support.

Contextual recommendations

Make better decisions and increase conversions with intelligent suggestions for every lead, tailored to produce best outcomes.

Geo detection and intelligence

Log your meetings into Salesforce automatically and understand what prospects or customers are nearby your location.

VYMO detects activities. Automatically.

Automated workflows to manage calls.

  • Calls from prospects
  • Calls from customers
  • Missed calls
  • Reminders
  • Tasks

Automated workflows to manage meetings.

  • Meeting detection
  • Time spend
  • Route optimisation
  • Reminders
  • Tasks

VYMO predicts actions. Intelligently.

  • Prioritise leads & customers
  • Next best actions for each lead
  • Suggested calendar events
  • Find prospects nearby
  • Manager interventions


Engagement with the app
Improvement in productivity
Increase in revenue per rep