Savvy Tips to Make Lead Generation Seamless

lead generation

Savvy Tips to Make Lead Generation Seamless

lead generation

Closing on a sale is not possible if you do not have a customer to sell to in the first place. And at the same time, competition in web marketing leads SEO agencies or magento development folks to find techniques to boost your sales through a marketing campaign.

One of these strategies is lead generation, which consists in exploiting all the Marketing and Web Marketing levers at your disposal to attract the attention of the decision-maker during his buying process.

The lead generation process is simple: you attract the decision-maker to your website and encourage him to send you his contact information and all the information you need to validate that he is qualified and ready to buy.

What is a lead?

A lead is someone who, in one way or another, has expressed interest in the products or services of your business.

This means that instead of being randomly approached by someone who has purchased your contact information, you are contacted by a company you know and have already encountered.

Why do you need to generate leads?

In short, lead generation helps to give potential customers a good image of your business and guide them on a journey that will end with a purchase.

By expressing an initial interest in your products, it is they who initiate the relationship (and not the company), which will ultimately make it easier and more natural for them to make a purchase.

In the context of the inbound marketing methodology, lead generation takes place at the second stage.

It happens when you have attracted an audience and you are ready to convert those visitors into leads for your sales team. Lead generation is a fundamental part of the journey to create a satisfied customer.

How to qualify a lead?

As you now know, a lead is someone who has expressed interest in your company’s products or services. Now let’s see how she can show this interest.

A lead is generated by collecting information: it can come from someone who provides their contact information in exchange for a coupon or who fills out a form to download informative content.

There are many ways to qualify a visitor as a lead.

lead generation

Here are some smart tips to make lead generation transparent.

Submit premium content offers

To generate leads on the Internet, you need to attract qualified visitors to your website and then encourage them to leave you their contact information. For this, there is no miracle recipe: you must convince them to make this effort by offering them a matchup.

Offering a premium content offer is essential to lead an effective B2B lead generation strategy. First of all, because it allows you to validate that the visitor is very active in his purchase thinking. Your offer of premium content must allow you to validate the interest of a lead but also convince him to leave you his contact information. It must, therefore, bring convincing value. As part of a B2B lead generation strategy, your premium content offering can take various forms: white paper, webinar, checklist, market study, client case, demo application, quote etc.

Naturally, you must offer different content offerings that cover the entire purchasing path of your target.

Integrate call buttons into your website

In order for your visitors to accept their contact details for premium content, they must first notice your offer.

For this, it is essential to integrate call-to-action buttons – call-to-action – in each of the pages of your website.

action call For your lead generation strategy to be successful, your Call-to-Action must be:

  • Visible;
  • Incentive;
  • Adapted to the visitor’s position in the shopping path;

Feel free to integrate several Call-to-Action if your page is long enough.

Return the visitor to an optimized landing page

Now that your visitor has clicked on your Call-to-Action, your goal is clear and unique: convert it into a lead.

For that, you must put all the chances on your side so that it fills your form of lead generation.

Here it is essential to point your call-to-action and therefore to return your visitor to a landing page dedicated to your offer. We are talking about Landing Page.

Propose an adapted form

The form is the crucial element of your B2B lead generation strategy. Without a form, you simply can not generate leads.

Most companies use the same form for their contact page as for their download pages. This is an important mistake. Why?

Your form must be perfectly adapted to the nature of your content offer and the visitor’s position in the shopping journey. The more advanced a visitor is in buying, the more mature and ready to engage with you. You can not ask the same information for a person who starts his reflection as someone who has been maturing it for months. For your lead generation strategy to be successful, you need to think about your forms based on the nature of your premium content offering.

For an Awareness content offering, your form will only ask for basic information. Normally, the visitor at this stage is not ready to engage. For a Decision content offer, you can ask for more.

This distinction is essential if you want to lead an effective B2B lead generation strategy. Without these adjustments, you will not achieve your goals. Smart forms allow you to limit the number of fields in your forms to optimize your conversion rate while retrieving the information you need to qualify and convert your leads.

Promote everything

You have set up your conversion tunnel. Your website is ready to generate quality leads.

Now, for that, you need visitors.

For your lead generation strategy to be successful, you need to integrate it into a global Inbound Marketing strategy that will allow you to attract more qualified visitors to your website.

Clearly, you must use all the Web Marketing levers at your disposal to promote your blog posts and premium content offers:

  • Natural referencing
  • Social networks
  • The Emailing
  • Advertising campaigns

Smartly network on Linkedin

Do you want to generate B2B leads and you are not on Linkedin? In general, social networks can all be used to generate lead. But the great strength of LinkedIn is that it is an exclusively professional network.

Some tips to boost your lead generation on Linkedin:

  • Look after your profile, including the keywords that allow other professionals to identify your fields of action
  • Share your content in public, on the groups of your choice and directly to contacts you target
  • Post posts to position you on your sector of activity
  • Use your existing network to connect with professionals from your target audience

Expand your area of influence

Want to generate more leads? Unless you are already an opinion leader in your sector, you can not rely on the quality of your content. It is a necessary but not sufficient condition for your success.

Since your natural audience is not enough to meet your lead generation goals, you need to go to other meeting points with your target customers to expand your area of influence.

Where are these meeting points?

  • On social networks (LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats, …)
  • On sites/blogs that deal with themes similar or similar to yours
  • In conferences and trade shows

Create viral content

Social networks are great tools for expanding the reach of your content and generating new leads.

By the way, you have understood and you share your publications on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Maybe even on Google + or Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, but in spite of its undeniable quality, your content is little shared and does not attract much commitment. Here are some ways to make your content more infectious:

  • Give priority to visual content: computer graphics, videos, webinars
  • Activate the universal mechanisms of humour or emotion: it is not because content responds to a problem-client that it must be austere and cold.
  • Carry positive messages: you want to get support and, for bad news, there’s already news
  • Surprise and intrigue

Submit case studies

Case studies are a great way to convey what you do, how you do it and with what results. That’s just about everything a contact needs to know about you before you begin to engage.

It is a type of content that is quite underused and yet both educational and reassuring. Another advantage of the case study: your content will also be supported, shared, relayed by the client on whom it is based. And you know what? If it worked for him, why would not it work for others?


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