Democratising customer interaction with the Slots API

Vymo already offers comprehensive Work Allocation management that allows managers to efficiently distribute Leads work to their sales teams using various parameters like backlog, location, agent performance etc. In addition, Vymo also supports automated distribution of leads to agents via pre-defined business rules. As a result, all the work allocated to agents is visible:

  • Via the Calendar UI in the app, for the agents
  • Via the Day Plan UI in the web, for the managers

However, this calendar UI is not available to the end consumer directly. And this is a request that has been raised by multiple Vymo customers. Allowing direct customer visibility to Agent calendar(s) will help end customers choose a convenient schedule for agent interaction.

Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of a new API-driven interface using which you can expose Agent calendars directly to your end customers and allow your customers to pick a schedule. And all of this will work within your existing customer interfacing app, be it a mobile app or a web app!

Using these APIs, you can enable your end customers to schedule appointments with Agents basis their convenience, availability and considering agent availability. From your perspective, this is a far more democratic option for your customers instead of relying on your Call center to schedule meetings or expecting your field teams to figure out their schedule for the day.

Sample user experience

Below is a sample user experience embedded into an existing loan application mobile app.

As part of the loan application process, the user needs to select a date/time when the Agent should visit to collect loan processing documents.

The Document pickup screen is powered by the Vymo Slots API, which returns agent availability for a given date/time period. Once the slot is chosen, Vymo returns a reservation ID which can be used for future customer interactions.


Using this API-integrated approach for scheduling has multiple benefits including:

  • Customer convenience
  • Reduced call center costs
  • API usage-based pricing
  • Integrated into your existing customer interface apps

Feature availability

Slots API as a feature is independently available & billed on an API usage basis, separately from the existing per user based licensing that is applicable across Vymo. Contact your Vymo sales team for pricing details.


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