Enhancing the Reports user interface

As previously announced, we have been busy at work enhancing the web  interface for Reports. The new interface is modern and lays the foundation for an enhanced & expanded reports experience. This change is rolling out to all Vymo users.

New landing page

The new reports page is available under the Reports section of the nav bar and groups all available reports into a single visual interface.

Each report is categorized into groups with an associated report type legend:

      •  Tabular reports
      •  Dashboard report
      •  Download-only report


  • With this change, users get at-a-glance view of all the reports in an easy to browse interface.And the new user experience also eliminates two-clicks compared to the older interface. In the future, users will be able to bookmark frequently accessed reports, so these show up at the very top of this screen.

    Tabular reports 

    Most existing reports are tabular in nature and are tagged as such. There is no change to the user flow this section, so, the report is displayed with a default set of filters that the user can change and refresh the report.

    Download-only reports 

    Reports that are purely download oriented are tagged as such with a prominent download button on the page. As with the existing flow, users can change the filter criteria for the download report when generating the report.

    Dashboard reports 

    One of the more exciting changes we are announcing with this change is the introduction of a new report type called Dashboard reports. This has been a popular ask from many of our users and we are delighted to finally bring this to life. Refer the Dashboard reports release note for more information.

    Dashboard reports are great for visualizing a number of different parameters at once and afford great value for managers & organization leaders.

    The dashboard comprises of a set of graphs that are correlated by the same filters, so change the filter and all the graphs simultaneously refresh. And the data behind each chart is downloadable for further analysis.

    Note that with Dashboard reports, the user experience is changed slightly; the filters are now hosted into the dashboard and the existing filters are unavailable. In a future release, existing web filters will be available with Dashboard reports.

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