HDFC PBG: Change to customer search in Add Activity screen

We made a change to the Add Activity screen for HDFC PBG. The old screen loaded all customers into a drop down list box, allowing the user to search & select a customer to associate with this activity. As the customer list grew, this user experience has become progressively slower.
Hence we made a change where the user can enter the first few characters of a customer’s name and all customers with matching names are shown in the list box. This not only improves system performance but also provides a much more responsive user experience.

Here is everything we changed as part of this update:

  • Removed loading of all customers in the Add activity screen
  • Restricted loading to 25 customers
  • Added a customer name search box, which is blazing fast
  • Added a user prompt “Start typing to search” in the search box


  • Old screenshot

  • New screenshot

  • Empty result when no records match


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