Scanning Aadhaar card to automate data entry

At Vymo, our focus is to capture rep’s micro interaction and activities, to make intelligent suggestions that deliver increased sales productivity.  In doing so we are always tracking down redundant & mundane activities  that sales reps have to do. One such task is Data Entry!
Now, nobody likes doing data entry and, yet, for reps they have to add Lead & Customer information and report Activity & Engagement data. And this is a tedious, mundane task.

So we started working on identifying the best way to eliminate or, at the very least, minimize the manual effort. One step in that direction is reading Aadhar card information & auto-populating form fields.

How does Aadhaar card scanning work in Vymo app?

Card scanning functionality is available in the Add Lead/Customer form. User can access the functionality by clicking on the scan document icon on the add form. Once the information is fetched from scanning user gets back to the add form automatically from the scanning page and finish up the add form by adding rest of the information manually.

Scan the Aadhaar Card

What information does scanning fetch?

Vymo receives the following information from the QR code on the Aadhar card:

  • Name, Surname and middle name
  • Birth Year
  • Gender
  • Address

*Note you will see this information on the form, only if these fields are configured on the Add form. 

Filling the add form with fetched information

When do you expect this feature to be available?

The feature release date is 19-Jan-2018 and it will be rolled out across clients in a phased manner. We are aiming to enable this to all clients by 2-Feb-2018. Now, some of our customers don’t rely on Aadhaar data at all due to their configuration or don’t do any data entry in the Vymo app. This feature will be released to these clients.

Note that this feature is available for clients across all Editions and currently this functionality is available only within the Vymo Android app.

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