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Pharma industry is competitive as well as dynamic to the extent that it makes it impossible for the field sales reps to attain 100% efficiency. Vymo is changing this by leveraging predictive analysis, intelligent profiling and location triggered suggestions to keep the field sales reps at the top of their game.

Field Sales force working in the Pharma industry struggles with unique challenges of long waiting hours, manual data entry, lack of inventory visibility and outdated information management. Vymo is bringing a comprehensive solution with a personalised sales assistant. Vymo delivers advantages of dynamic planning, precise lead profiling, intelligent predictions. Thus aiming at improving the field sales productivity.

Overcoming the Pharma industry sales challenges with a Personalised Sales Assistant

Vymo is delivering field sales solutions which assist the Field Reps to focus on their main task i.e. to Sell. Vymo helps with the supportive functions such as Planning, data updation, predictive analysis, in-store inventory status and dynamic customer servicing. These can be performed more efficiently with Vymo sales assistant.   

Doctor 360°

  • Single view of physician profile
  • Tribal knowledge from rep’s interactions
  • Timeline view of all historical engagement
  • Past responsiveness to engagement

AI-driven engagement planning

  • Dynamic tiering based on potential
  • Visit frequency guidelines
  • Dynamic RoI assessment on time-spend
    Route optimisation
  • Wait time optimisation basis ‘who’s nearby’
  • Bot-driven meeting logistics management

Auto-logging of rep's activities

  • Geo-fencing enabled visit detection
  • ‘Instant feedback’ from doctors on rep visits
  • 360° engagement capture via email, SMS, call,
    calendar-API integrations
  • Physician wise time-spend vs. goal achievement
  • ‘Next best action’ recommendation to ensure

Alerts & Need based supervisor activity planning

Supervisor alerted on

  • un-engaged physicians for resource re-alignment
  • un-responsive physicians for innovative
    engagement planning
  • un-productive reps for resource re-alignment
  • in-effective reps for 1-1 coaching / joint call

Rep productivity management

  • Goals vs. actual tracking on visits per
    day and engagement
  • Real time productivity reporting across all territories
  • Geo-view heat maps to show unengaged accounts or
    unproductive reps
  • Direct feedback into resource planning across territories

Vymo improves Sales Force Productivity


Go live fast

Most of the Vymo clients have gone live in under 4 weeks. With faster implementation for large field force, you are ready to conquer sales quicker.


Vymo is a highly scalable solution powered by the Azure cloud platforms so whatever your business scales to, Vymo will scale to that & beyond.


We are OWASP compliant, so you don’t have to worry about security, that’s how top enterprises rely on Vymo for their field force transformation.


We crafted Vymo with love such that Sales reps love using the app. Thus achieving adoption rate of more than 80%.


Multi-location-Language-time zones, you name the customization and we assure you it is possible with Vymo.

Cross-Team Collaboration

  • Structured capture of physician’s (or rep’s) asks.
  • Real time task creation for product and marketing teams.
  • TAT tracking and automated follow-up on tasks.
  • Direct email/ SMS engagement with physician (via bot) if needed.
  • Feedback capture on support effectiveness

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